Not Your Grandma's Maple Pecan Blondies (Hot Chocolate Mix Galore)

Hey guys!

For my first baking post, I decided to try something completely new and just figure it out along the way. Often times I find a delicious hot chocolate mix which I would love to make into baked goods, but I can never find recipes that include flavored mixes. It gets frustrating because if you can use cocoa powder or a regular hot chocolate mix, I should be able to make a Maple Pecan White Hot Chocolate Blondie.

With that said, these mixes vary greatly and might already have sugar in them, so be aware of the way your mix tastes and go from there.

I used my standard brownie recipe ingredients:

*1 stick of unsalted butter

*1 1/8 cup of sugar

*2 eggs

*1/2 cup of flour

*1 tsp vanilla extract

*1/2 cup of cocoa powder

*1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

*1/2 cup milk chocolate chips

*1/2 cup dark chocolate chunks

*1 tsp salt

Now, this is where things get tricky and you have to know your mix. My Maple Pecan Mix is inherently salty to the taste, so I excluded the 1 tsp of salt. Most likely, your mix will not be salty, so go ahead and mix the salt with the flour and keep it in. My hot chocolate already had a bit of sugar in it, so to prevent overly sweet blondies I only added 1 cup of sugar. Since it is Maple Pecan I chose white chocolate chips, and since the mix is really sweet, I only put 3/4 cup in. Also, the white chocolate mix makes a thinner batter so I added 3/4ths of a cup of flour instead of 1/2 a cup. Lastly, since it is sweet and already has the flavor, I added 1/2 a cup of pecans. All in all, my modified recipe is below.

Modified Ingredients:

*1 stick of unsalted butter

*1 cup of sugar

*2 eggs

*3/4 cup of flour

*1 tsp vanilla extract

*3/4 cup of hot chocolate mix

*1/2 cup of pecans

*3/4 cup white chocolate chips

Some small tips about baking brownies and blondies:

  1. Do not over mix them! To get the perfect fudgey brownies/blondies with the cracked top, keep mixing to a minimum. Only mix enough to combine the butter and sugarnot whip itthen to bring the eggs to a white color, and enough to combine the flour and cocoa mix. After that use a spoon or any other spatula to fold in the chips.

  2. Remember, since this is a different mix and different oven than mine, the time will be variable. A good rule of thumb is to check on it after 20 minutes. And then check every 1-2 minutes from there. For my regular brownie, it is usually around 22 minutes to perfection. I recently switched ovens to an electric one, so this one took 28 minutes and a considerable amount of cooling time to solidify.

  3. Taste your mix before adding the white chocolate chips in case you want to alter it or add anything!